To Psaraki Fish Tavern

Sitting peacefully on the south side of Santorini is the village of Vlihada. The village had always been known for its picturesque harbour and its impressive beach.

Come 2010 a little fish came along and changed all that. Vlihada is now also known for the extremely popular fish tavern ‘To Psaraki.’

To Psaraki (meaning little fish) is a gastro-destination not to be missed. We were fortunate enough to go on the very first day of the 2018 season.

Owner and chef Thanasis Sfougaris welcomed us warmly but later admitted to being nervous. Even after so many years and evident proof of ‘To Psaraki’s success, he still gets a little nervous when he ‘opens shop.’ He wants nothing but 100% customer satisfaction.

The setting is traditional and unpretentious and the dishes depend upon the ‘catches of the day’ and the seasonality of the ingredients. Thanasis’s specially prepared dishes are an interesting balance between casual & gourmet.

We were welcomed with the Santorini Cherry Tomato Spread, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano. Thanasis kept coming out of the kitchen after every dish, eager to hear our ‘verdict.’

The Sea Bass Ceviche was sublime. Firm and fresh, the fish dazzled in taste especially after fresh lime juice was drizzled a top. We then unanimously agreed that the Carpaccio Bonito was one of the best we have ever had. And after that, it was just one dish better than the next. The Seafood Orzo with fresh tomato and herbs, a variety of locally grown boiled vegetables and to top it all off, Pears Poached in Assyrtiko local wine. But being the sweet-toothed creatures that we are, we also tried the Galaktoboureko; a semolina and milk based custard, beautifully sealed in phyllo and drizzled with syrup. A twofold sweet ending to a superb harbourside lunch.
Vlihada, Santorini