The Pie Shop

Savouring the World in Athens


“Sorry. I’m switching the lights back on for a sec!” Nanta, once again, apologetically said. “No, no, it’s fine!” I assured her as two young French ladies walked in, looked me straight in the knees and continued walking to where the protagonists sat; behind the glass waiting to be picked. As the choice was a difficult one, I patiently waited, still standing on the stool, for the young French ladies to decide between the ‘Blueberry Tart’ and the ‘Bourdaloue Tart’ (a French Inspired piece of heaven filled with pears, almond paste and sprinkled with pistachios). Don’t be confused. How do you think you are able to see photos in this blog post? And since I don’t have a drone (yet), I have to stand on tables, chairs, and very tall stools. And wait for customers to be served.

Looking down at my ‘models,’ I’m convinced. ‘The Pie Shop’ exists, smack-dab in the centre of Athens, in order to make me (and most probably everybody in Athens) happy. Not only gorgeous to look at, the pies, tarts, and quiches in this little newcomer of a shop are here to offer you palatable insights into other parts of the world such as Jamaica (beef, chili, tomato, & Jamaican allspice berries), China (Carrots, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, & ginger), Corsica (Fresh spinach & French goat cheese), and Peru (fresh chicken, carrots, ginger, & guacamole sauce). Individual ‘culinary travelling’ enveloped in the freshest of hand-made dough and the highest quality French butter (when the chef is a bona-fide French pastry chef… no other butter will do).

Mother and daughter duo, Nanta and Estelle, welcomed me with coffee (they also serve organic beverages and specialty tea) and from the moment I walked in I KNEW that for my next ‘I NEED something savoury’ craving, I’ll be HERE. I also knew that when my next ‘I’m desperate for something sweet’ craving hits, I’ll be here again.

The first thing I tried was the chef’s specialty; the Lemon Tart. Words can seriously not come close to describing its understated zing. The soft ‘jolt’ of lemon in every silky bite reassured me that this was the ‘real thing.’ Real Greek lemons were hiding in there. I truly savoured it and my response totally took me by surprise when Nanta asked “what else would you like to try?”  “I’m good for now. Maybe you could just put two more (I really meant the WHOLE shop) in a bag for me to take home” I dumbfoundedly answered. Just 20’ earlier I had been practically drooling over ‘my subjects’, secretly praying that she’ll let me taste EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Well low and behold!  Nanta actually DID put the whole shop into the 4 bags she handed to me when I was leaving. Therefore, I had no choice (poor me) but to centre the next following days around my ‘culinary tours.’ I went to Argentina (ham, paprika, raisins, & olives), India (fresh ground beef, potato, ginger, coriander, cumin, & peas), and Spain (Jamon, pork filet, & chorizo). I stayed in Greece one day with Alevropita (feta pie from Ioannina) and also had a sweet old time in the USA (blueberry pie) and Australia (Pavlova of course). The French ladies picked the ‘Lemon Tart’ & the sugarless ‘Bluberry Pie’… by the way.

‘The Pie Shop’  Pies from all over the world
Voulis 16, Athens (close to Syntagma square)
Telephone: +30 211 403 7328