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Athens may be the historical capital of Europe, but it is also a vibrant city brimming with innumerable culinary options.

The past five years has witnessed a ‘re-birth’ in the Athens Restaurant & Bar Scene. Do not get us wrong, tradition still exists; you will see more queues than ever outside the oldest souvlaki place in the city but there seems to be a harmonious co-existence with the old and the new. The traditional taverna is here to stay but more and more restaurants are appearing featuring young chefs that are defining Greece’s next generation.

This self-guided food safari has been designed to showcase the best (old & new) food options Athens has to offer. From street food to fine dining, from traditional ‘ouzeri’ to swanky wine bars. Traditional family-owned delis to epicurean boutique shops specialising in gourmet delicacies. Our carefully curated list will satisfy all taste buds.

The guide will be sectioned into neighbourhoods and you will be able to explore the different areas of the city at your own pace.

You travel to eat.. we know! We share the same passion for food as you but, as locals, we also share in-depth knowledge of Athens and its culinary offerings, activities, and even peculiarities. Your self-guided food tour will be enriched with extra tidbits of information. From transportation to useful phrases, insiders’ tips, historical facts, and even entertaining anecdotes, and/or myths.

No need to spend hours, online, searching for restaurants and reading reviews. Everything on our list has been tried and tested by us. All you need to do is download our in-depth food guide, complete with addresses and telephone numbers.

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