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Santorini. Assertive and mysterious.

Its magnificent caldera, a harmonious balancing act between the steep cliffs, the clustered white-washed homes and the endless blue sea sparkling beneath the Aegean light.

Santorini’s majestic beauty is reinforced by its unique flavours. Your sense of taste will be captured once you sample the offspring this volcanic dry land creates. Unique establishments eager to introduce you to all the culinary delights the island has to offer.

Distinctive agricultural products, innovative fine dining restaurants, cozy taverns with traditional cuisine, famous wineries, and delicatessens with local products create a setting of countless gastronomical surprises.

Our Taste Hopping Self-Guided Tour will take you on a culinary path showcasing the best spots to try the iconic agricultural products, the unique variety of tomatoes, the yellow fava bean (a type of yellow-split pea), the white eggplant, the rare capers that grow in caldera, the red tomato sauce (katsouni).

We will introduce you to the different wine varieties, Santorinian beer and even local recipes.

We have carefully curated a well-rounded list of establishments, from family owned tavernas that serve nostimo (delicious) food to the most picturesque spots to try wine. You will also have the option to meet a young lady who makes home made organic products, and even offers a cooking class. We will include contacts for private yachting tours (with food on board), museums, and even farms.

As your hosts, we want you to experience the best the island has to offer. Your self-guided tour will be enriched with extra tidbits of information. From addresses on where to enjoy the tastiest Tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), transportation options, historical references, to where to enjoy the awe-inspiring sunset away from the crowds.

No need to spend hours, online, searching for restaurants and reading reviews. Everything on our list has been tried and tested by us. All you need to do is download our in-depth food & activity guide. Kali Oreksi!

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