Meze Masterclass – Aegina Day Trip


The Art of the Meze – Masterclass


It’s the little tricks that make the difference George confides. The man behind the revivification of the iconic ‘Skotadis Seafood Ouzeri,’ which has been operating on the Island of Aegina since 1945, is willing to let us in on his fishy little secrets.


‘O Skotadis’ (the man who operates in the darkness) was Ioannis Alifantis. George’s maternal grandfather’s main concern was to open shop at dusk in order to ensure the fishermen had their dose of caffeine and a hearty portion of warm fish soup before the beginning of their shifts.


A more oxymoronic name could not exist for The Ouzeri of today. Bright and airy with a direct view of the harbour and, most importantly, a fresh outlook on the classic Greek Meze; meze which maintain their humble beginnings but have acquired a slight air of finesse.  It’s those little “tricks” that George mentions that you will get the chance to discover.


On Skotadis’s private terrace you’ll learn how to swindle (the tricks remember) yourself into the art of the Greek Meze. With a gorgeous view, sipping ouzo or wine, be prepared to witness the preparations and cooking of some of the ouzeri’s most sought out numbers (yes, people come to the island JUST for these) such as Marinated Anchovy, Pickled Octopus, Taramosalata (fish roe dip), Cuttlefish Stew, and the insanely delicious Seafood Kritharoto (orzo in fresh tomato).


And yes, you will enjoy a full-on lunch experience after you have been a diligent student, asked questions and taken all your notes.


There are three ways for you to enjoy this Unique Masterclass:


  1. We will be pick you up from your hotel (pick-up time is for central Athens) at 8:00am and take you to the port of Pireaus. From there you take the ferry (a one- hour ride) to Aegina Island. Once on the Island, it’s time to sit at a traditional cafeneion for a coffee and small bite. Then we’re off to your 3- hour Meze Class and subsequent lunch. After lunch you can explore the island on your own and take the ferry back to Piraeus at your own pace (we will arrange a transfer back to your hotel once you are back in Pireaus).
  2. All of the above minus the exploring the Island on your own. We can arrange a tour of the Island for you.
  3. All of the above but no need to leave us so soon. We’ll arrange accommodation for you. Price depending on number of nights and type of accommodation.


All things considered, we DO need 3 day’s notice and at least 2 participants for this very special Masterclass to take place.

Please contact Helen at  for availability and price.







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