Greek Islands and Athens


Explore The Greek Islands and Athens with our delectable Custom Self-Guided Food ‘Tours.’

Avoid the tourist traps and eat like a local

Indulge in authentic Greek Isle Cuisine

Want to try amazing Greek cheese straight from the farms of small producers?

How about syrupy loukumades or delicious phyllo-crusted Greek pies?

Want to make marmalade on the island of Kefalonia?

Cooking class on Santorini maybe?

Perhaps you would like to learn how to make Corfiot dishes like ‘Pastitsada’ or ‘Sofritio;’ dishes originated in the Venatian era.

Fancy sampling local delicacies and spicy cold cuts while you sip on Greek wine?

And how about that souvlaki? We are certain you will want to know where the locals go for that!


Whether you prefer street food bites or the fine dining experience, modern Greek cuisine or the traditional taverna, vegan or gluten-free, seafood or meat; we are here to help you transform your holiday into a unique food lover’s experience.

We share the same passion for food as you! But we also possess an in-depth knowledge of food and food-related activities throughout the Greek Islands and Athens.

Your customised food itinerary will be enriched with extra tidbits of information. From transportation, to useful phrases, insiders’ tips, historical facts, and even entertaining anecdotes and/or myths. We can also make restaurant reservations for you.

A carefully curated self-guided experience will be created especially for you.

All you need to worry about is spending that extra time in the traditional café you fell in love with. Because that is what we also offer you: TIME. No need to spend hours on the internet reading reviews whilst scouting for the perfect seafood restaurant. Spend those extra moments truly carefree, savouring every minute of your holiday.


How It Works

Contact us and we will send you a questionnaire in order to determine your destination, when you will be arriving, how many days you will be staying, your likes and dislikes, your food obsessions, or your interest in certain food-related activities (cooking classes, farm visits, vineyard visit, wine tasting etc.). Once you have completed and sent us the questionnaire, we will need 10 working days to create the perfect guide just for you.



Prices start from €30. We will be able to offer you a final quote once we know the details and preferences of your trip.


 Some samples of what your Custom Self Guided Food Itinerary will include

  • General information on the island’s local products, delicacies, dishes, culinary habits, and even recipes
  • Carefully selected spots offering first-rate food products that you can sample
  • Traditional family owned delicatessens that possess a rustic ambience and top-notch hospitality
  • Epicurean boutique shops that specialize in gourmet delicacies
  • Food markets where you can experience shopping for in-season produce like a local
  • Cooking classes or other food-related activities
  • Where to eat recommendationsin line with your preferences (we can even reserve a table for you)
  • Hand-selected souvenir shopswhere you can purchase both traditional and more modern designed products
  • Glossary filled with useful words and expressions
  • Insiders’ tips on food, beer, wine, cocktails and shopping.
  • Transportation info on how to commute from your hotel, with public transportation, taxi etc.)


Your detailed self-guided itinerary is designed to go at your own pace.

For more info, please contact Helen at



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