Melian Restaurant

Luxury Meets Tradition

To say that our senses were dazzled during our ‘Melian Restaurant’ dinner would definitely be an understatement. An all-round sensory experience never to be forgotten.

Not able to look away from the magnificent sunset, we ‘blindly’ sipped our cocktails.

Only once the sun had set and our eyes were finally able to avert from the horizon, could we ask the waiter what our divinely tasting cocktails were (when asked what we would like to drink, our answer had been “Surprise us!”). Apparently, a Negroni & a Greek Mojito is what we had drunk.

We ordered another round, waved back to a yacht full of singing French people, and started dipping our fresh bread into the little dish of olives, capers, and kritamo which were bathing in, wonderfully scented, extra virgin olive oil.

Again not being able to decide what to choose from the menu, (we nailed it down to the bewitching sunset) and being the ‘culinary risk-takers‘ that we are, we simply stated, “We’ll try a few dishes. Bring us what you think we’d like.” Not having to decide actually felt quite liberating and we leisurely started with the Feta Saganaki (lightly fried, breaded feta with ouzo & sunflower seeds), served with the most delicious, slightly spicy, tomato jam and watermelon balls. Fava (yellow-split peas) and grilled octopus followed, as did Salmon with Carrot Cream and the evening’s protagonist Sea Bass Ceviche.

An unparalleled sunset combined with gastronomic artistry. An experience we will never forget. You won’t either. Trust us.

Melian Restaurant is located on the premises of the luxurious Boutique Hotel ‘Melian Hotel & Spa’ in the Pollonia area of Milos Island.