Tastehopping ® is not just food tours,  retreats and a selection of recipes from the Greek Islands. It is the stories of the land, the sea, the peoples; their way of eating, their way of living, their way of sharing.
Brimming with rich culinary traditions, we are here to share what has been passed along through the centuries. We are here to help you see, feel, and taste the essence of the Isles. Though we will pass on what has been passed along over the centuries, we also want to shed light on the ‘New Generation.’ The young farmers, producers, chefs, and winemakers who, on the one hand, are keeping certain traditional traits but, on the other hand, are ‘shaking things up’ a little.
If you are visiting or planning to visit one (or more) of the Islands, we are here to guide you. Be it straightforward suggestions on what and where to eat, to creating unique culinary adventures especially designed for you, consider us your Hosts.
As your hosts, we are beyond delighted that you have found your way to the Greek Islands, albeit virtually. It is here beneath the extraordinary light, on these little specks of land scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas that culinary magic takes place. It is here, through food, that we will assist you in connecting to the land, to the sea, with the rich culinary heritage, and the locals. We will share with you what the islanders, without hindrance, have shared with us.
With a myriad of professional and artistic endeavours under our belts, from teaching, to photography to TV shows, to food and travel editing, we have combined our passions, expertise, and superb eating skills. And...here we are!
Kalos Ilthate! Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay.
Please do not hesitate to contact us info@tastehopping.com


P.S. This is our passion project. It’s all from the heart. If we brag about a certain food, recipe or eatery, it is because we believe it needs to be shared.